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Shannon Alder is a an inspirational author and life coach. Her tidbits of wisdom have been published in over 100 books and on various news websites (Psychology Today, Huffington Post UK Republic News, etc). She has been a therapist for 24 years at a rehabilitation hospital. The proceeds of her books go toward medical missions in third world countries that she participates in. Shannon is an outdoor enthusiast. Her hobbies include archeology, hiking and camping. She is a volunteer search and rescue worker that aides in rescuing missing people lost in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness. She is also a member of the ocean conservation society, Sea Shepherd (as seen on Animal Planet's Whale Wars TV show) and served on the Operation Jairo Campaign to rescue Sea Turtles in Florida. Shannon wrote and produced the song, "One Life"which is available on iTunes. All proceeds for that song go toward supplying medical help for a terminally ill 12 year old boy in Nicaragua. 


Her best selling narcissist book debuted on the hit TV Reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2019.

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About Me
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Welcome to my site! I am a inspirational author. My tidbits of wisdom have been published in over 100 different books, by various relationship authors and in several online magazine articles (Psychology Today, Huffington Post, etc.).

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