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About Me

I am an inspirational author and therapist. My tidbits of wisdom have been published in over 500 books, blogs and on various news websites (Psychology Today, Huffington Post UK Republic News, Fox News etc.). I have been a therapist for 25 years at a rehabilitation hospital. The proceeds of my books go toward medical missions in third world countries that I participate in or it is donated to charities that help the homeless.


I would have to say I am not your average LDS author or member. I do not make Jello Salad for the Relief Society Social or is into sewing and scrapbooking. I do not have eight children or was a stay at home mom. I absoultely do not like to hold babies or gush over them. I actually think crosses are pretty cool and will wear one to church despite annoying stares. I grew up with a father who was a Shaman and had a long ponytail. The books my family read was not typical LDS literature. I read books on Sufi, Zen, Dervishes and every kind of Middle Eastern Parable there was, just like my father. That is why I have 1,200 quotes floating around the internet and the Sikh community thinks I am some sort of reincarnated guru master. Not but I have been asked repeatedly if my wisdom came from Guru Nanak. Yes and No.. maybe..:)  I am pretty opened minded and tend to gravitate toward people like that- love philosophy and learning about diffrent religions.


I am outdoor enthusiast. My hobbies include hiking, camping, and all things to do with helping others, especially if it's extreme, radical and an adventure..


I was a volunteer search and rescue worker for 10 years. I aided my local police department in rescuing missing people lost in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness. I have been trained as a Type II Search and Rescue worker. by the State of California and was on the Ground Team. I was awarded by the Mayor of my county for my years of rescue service and missions I went on. 


I was also a member of the ocean conservation society, Sea Shepherd (as seen on Animal Planet's Whale Wars TV show) and served on the Operation Jairo Campaign to rescue Sea Turtles in Florida. I was an activist in San Francisco for this organization for several years.

I was involved heavily in the tent community my town had a few years ago. I was the therapist for the homeless at the camp. I worked with the mayor and city counsel to keep it open. This was the first homeless encampment in America to be approved and ran by California and its local government.


I wrote and produced the song, "One Life" which is available on iTunes. Gia Calazone was the singer and is in a popular boys band in Brazil.  All proceeds for that song went toward supplying medical help for a terminally ill 12-year-old boy in Nicaragua, until he passed away in 2019.  I met him when I traveled to Nicaragua on a medical missions to serve the poor. I love medical missions and have more plans to travel back to Nicaragua and other countries. 


I was also a part of an operative team that traveled to Thailand and Cambodia to rescue girls from Human Trafficking in 2016 after meeting Tim Ballard, whose life is portrayed in the movie, The Sound of Freedom. I counseled the girls that were rescued and taught them CPR classes, as well as other life saving skills.


Later. I was introduced to Nia Peoples an actress known for her movies- Fame, Deep Star 6 and the series Pretty Little Liars. Nia met me at a time when I needed some confidence to join the Search and Rescue Team in my county. She gave me some good advice that I practice to this day. She said, "Why do only men have to be known for great acts of charity and heroism? As a woman you can do whatever you want. Go and save kids, animals or people. Make the men uncomfortable and join your counties Search and Rescue Team and pave the way for women. Do amazing things and write about it Shannon! Because someone needs to hear how you made your dreams  come true. They need hope and will get it by your example." And so I did just that! I was one out of  4 women on a team of 100 men that were on the ground team with search and rescue. 

My best selling therapy book on the topic of narcissism debuted on the hit TV Reality show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2020-21. Actress Lisa Rinner is reading from it, because she thinks her cast mate is a Narcissist. 


I run a  Staying Positive Community on Facebook called Staying Positive University for abuse survivors, but most anyone could benefit from it.  I have an Author Facebook Page- Shannon L. Alder that you can check out for more information on me. I am also on Instagram, so come follow my posts. 

For information on Quote usage or other questions- Contact Me at:

Heading 6
The photo above is with Darren Fletcher and Chet Thomas. Darren Fletcher is the director of High School Musical 3 and The Sandlot. He coproduced the Abolitionist with Gerald Molens the director of Schindler’s list. This is prior to the trip to Thailand where I met Tim Ballard and Gerald Molens and was inspired to rescue kids. 
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