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Shannon L. Alder

Life Coach, Therapist and Author

These few years have been busy for me because I am a frontline worker battling Covid at my hospital along with my other coworkers. So I have taken off time writing abuse books to focus on a side interest if you don't mind.  I want to thank the many abuse survivors that have written me about my book on Narcissism. I plan to write a new follow up book next year about how to find Mr. Right after being in an emotionally abusive relationship. For now, I am focusing on nutrition books. I am currently into Keto and love to cook. Out last year was my first Keto Cookbook for those that love German food. For now it is a Kindle version and eventually that will go to press so you can buy the paperback. Later this year my book titled, "Why Can't I Lose Weight Like Everyone Else on Keto? Tips To Lose 50 Pounds Fast" will be out in bookstores. Look for that debut around Christmas time. 


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300 Questions Series

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