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Biblical Perspectives on Narcissism

Updated: Apr 1

How do you remain in a relationship with a narcissist?

Most victims of narcissistic abuse remain a victim long after the relationship is over with. I know because I have met them. They hang out on narcissistic abuse forums and click like on every narcissistic abuse quote that is posted on Facebook. They think they have found validation from what they went through, but after months of being on those sites all they have found is a place to nurture their anger. After all who wouldn't be mad. They had a dream like anyone has about their loved one. They thought they were the one for them and of course their narcissist was the person they dreamed of. It is this dream of the fairytale ending that keeps so many victims hanging on. It is hard to let go of the dream. It is hard to walk into the unknown. No one likes to really be alone. Who really likes to start over?

Sadly, many of the people I met on those narcissistic abuse forums were not healing. They were searching for something and that something was closure. They hoped they would find it through talking to other abuse victims and rehashing their relationships dynamics with complete strangers. The truth is they were only victimizing themselves even further. Looking up narcissism articles is helpful; when you first start investigating what narcissism is when you suspect your loved one has this disorder, however, when is enough... enough!

So many good people become lost when they find themselves in a narcissistic relationship. They fall back on vows-- like for better or worse. The rationalize bad behavior by saying all relationships go through these ups and downs. They rely too much on God to do the fixing rather than really knowing what God wants them to do and that is this: Be no less than a righteous Son or Daughter of our Heavenly father that has boundaries, self worth and dignity. Kowtowing to a narcissist and leveling yourself to a doormat is not God's best for your life, neither is being in denial or ignoring bad behavior.

In my book, The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book, I take you through the journey of reclaiming your dignity. I give you two paths to choose: leave or stay. Both paths show you how God will help you along that journey. But most of all I show you how to regain your peace. You were not meant to be a victim. That is not God's title for you. Let me help you take your power back. Preorder The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Book today.

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